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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mental Toughness- Go Get It!

  It seems like the pursuit of mental toughness comes pretty readily alongside running. Setting and reaching running goals is not only physically motivating but mentally as well. Do you remember the first time you ran for 5 minutes in a row? How about the first time you were expected to run two 8 minutes…

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Race Highlight: The Color Run 5K

My husband and I recently participated in The Color Run, Kansas City. I’m sure if you are into running at all, you have probably heard of The Color Run. New race locations for this popular event seem to be popping up everywhere! As a group, we thought it would be fun to share details about…

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Nutrition – Fueling Your Race

Ask any seasoned runner what they eat on race day, and you will likely get a very detailed answer. It’s almost like a ritual, like a good luck charm, for a runner to eat the same breakfast before every race.  Because through much trial and error, they’ve arrived at something that works for them, that…

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Running on Vacation

So… you’ve managed to get started on a running training program, and then you go on vacation- where you’re away from your routine, your familiar places to run and maybe even your running partners too.  What to do?  Run!  Your running routine doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re traveling.  And you just might be…

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Who do you think you are?

Somewhere around 3rd grade, I became awkward girl.  Maybe it’s because we moved and I changed schools, maybe it would have happened at that age anyway.  Either way, I became the girl not comfortable in her own skin.  I became the girl picked last for EVERY sport and EVERY team in PE class.  (We don’t…

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