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About the Red Faced Runners

We are the Red Faced Runners!

Welcome! We’re the Red Faced Runners, a motley crew of eleven food bloggers who run…and cook…and eat…and run some more.

We came together under the energetic, earnest and downright-amazing banner of Dara Michalski, aka the Cookin’ Canuck, herself an inspiring tale who began her journey to running, fitness and better health with many starts and discouraging stops. Once fortified by the desire to become a runner for life and to put the “stops” to a stop, Dara made it all stick in 2011 and now, without giving away the ending, is about to run 26.2 (the marathon) 30 pounds lighter and immeasurably healthier and happier.

Dara’s desire to help others discover running (on any level)  led her to conceive of our Red Faced Runners 5K Challenge 2012 and unite the rest of us in an effort to get people – not only in the food blogosphere, but everywhere – moving their bodies and their minds toward healthier lives.

We’ve got all levels of running covered here – brand-newbies to veteran marathoners and even a certified running coach, and we believe if you walk it, run it or crawl it, it’s still a mile and that if you run, regardless of your pace, you are a runner – we never use the “j-word” (jogger).

We want to light a fire in you and make you carry your own torch for running. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

None of us thought we’d be where we are today in our running lives when we started. Yet here we are, with our aches, pains, blisters – and glorious, sweaty and smiling red faces – inviting you to join us, for the 5K Challenge and beyond.

So, go for it – accept our challenge and let your life as a Red Faced Runner begin. Congratulations!

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