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Red Faced Runner Spotlight: Amy from The Nifty Foodie

Dear readers – we’re sorry for the crickets here lately. Life has gotten busy for all of us, and unfortunately Red Faced Runners took the fallout from that. Thanks for all the emails letting us know we were missed. I’m pleased to let you know that we are back and as motivated as ever!  Stay…

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The Next Challenge…It’s Time to Lace Up Your Shoes

Just look at all of those beautiful red faces! These are some of the dedicated, motivated runners who joined us on the first challenge. It’s time for the next Red Faced Runners Challenge. Whether you joined us on the last challenge, or you’re someone who hasn’t run a step since junior high gym class, we…

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You did it! Your RFR Challenge Running Photos

You did it! After training for weeks, nursing sore muscles and pushing yourselves beyond where you thought you could ever go (ever!), you stepped out onto that 5k course and kicked some serious booty. We are already celebrated “the stronger you” in our pep rally post, but make sure you hop over there to remind…

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